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Recent content by Jaystevens

  1. J

    Hugs and kisses to ALL

    Check out my channel https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC8ZxxrtOFpSvL5YabL7fpiQ
  2. J

    Hugs and kisses to ALL

    I admit it the divide and conquer program had us thinking only the wisemen are awake and the rest are sheep, the true sheep are less than 1/4 of 1%. YES man. We all wanna loved snd be loved.
  3. J

    Dont be a cry baby

    Indeed we WILL WILL WILL
  4. J

    Morning ritual and keep room CLEAN AS possible for positive energy

    Start off the day with positive music. Wheat grass in morning or fruits and vegetables . 16 oz of Crystal Geyser bottled water. Light up a plastic electric candle. Short walk. Stimulate your spiritual energy. You can burn incense and stay in room every now and then but not daily. Open windows...
  5. J

    Worse than you could of ever possible imagined

    Don't be surprised if they tell you how to raise vibration how to be loving and real information but not too much real information, only so you could go 1 step up and go 3 steps back. Why not get rid of the spiritual opposition (dark) so we can go 1 step and another and another and never stop...
  6. J

    Power of incense (rock stick cone etc)

    Sandalwood beautiful incense to clear and ground you. Nice clean energy Dragons blood- gets rid of negativity energizing warrior spirit power masculinity Rose incense - love comfort good vibes and may attract angels Jasmine incense - very similar to sandalwood but more spiritual mystical and...
  7. J

    Part 2 and feng shui

    Light yellow- positive new beginnings and adventure Light blue- a vacation for your mind Light red- God of war Light green- chill and take a break. tap into information Light gray- spiritual monster (Ina good living way) Light purple- infinite mysteries and possible mystical experinces Light...
  8. J

    Power of candles and how to do a positive ritual (the word ritual sounds creepy as fuck. Read before judging. I don't mean a satanic one.

    They have programmed ppl to think that ritual means ppl in black robes fire creepy music sacrifice and satanic symbols. There are POSITIVE ones. They won't back fire unless you plan to hurt someone, some do deserve to get hurt. The spiritual battle has gotten too real. It's us or them. These 5...
  9. J

    True satanism is DARK enlightenment.

    You become a satanist or sell your soul you basically get the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of enlightenment. Instead of feeling like your on a million ecstasy pills you feel like your on a million REVERSE ecstasy pills. Don't sell your soul for materialism. It's not worth it. All you need is WITHIN you.
  10. J

    Don't FEAR anything.

    They don't want a single person waking up. Why is it they charge a big fine and take you to jail and put your kids in foster care for not taking your kids to school. They don't want even ONE person waking up. LITERALLY not a single one. NOT metaphorically. Ask urself y. You are THat powerful...
  11. J

    A telepathic network has opened up.

    Now we can talk telepathically. Long distance communication with psychic abilities with NO technology. Like a cell phone in your head and the dark side can't stop it. Be carful who you trust you never know who you are talking to. Your probably gonna hear weird stuff before you start connecting...
  12. J

    Pure Ame message me. If you forgot password make a new account.

  13. J

    The battle lasted longer than expected

  14. J

    The battle lasted longer than expected

    WE (we are one) WILL get through this.
  15. J

    Pure Ame? I am your spirit brother

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