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  1. maxim yakovlev

    Destroy negative toughts

    How to stop thinking about past bad days? For example previous Monday it was a very bad day I felt like I was in panic the whole day.....now it's 7 days later and my mind automatically thinks what happened 1 week ago and it makes me really anxious.how can I stop negative thoughts??
  2. maxim yakovlev

    Wise men are not missing out on anything

    I know exactly what you mean I was beginning to think a had a problem..
  3. maxim yakovlev

    Permanent Forum Shutdown

    You should shut this forum down and bring the old wise forum back.....he was so much better there were more members,more posts and so much more information that YOU couldn't find anywhere else....please clasik,why don't you bring him back?
  4. maxim yakovlev


    Why do so many men go bald??! I just turned 21 (December 6) Sometimes I'm worried and afraid that I will go bald too ,what can you do to prevent it? Stop pmo is the only thing I know......maybe somebody knows? Please reply
  5. maxim yakovlev

    Nofap bad?

    Most of the time I feel like when I relapse on day 7-11 I feel kind of better mentally but if I go like 1 week on nofap I start to get anxiety,weird thoughts,sometimes panic,feel like my nervous system is not stable...is it me? Or maybe it's an illusion
  6. maxim yakovlev

    Bring the old wise forum back

    Bring the old wise forum back
  7. maxim yakovlev

    Clasik you should really add a feature to this forum where you can see all the current members...

    Clasik you should really add a feature to this forum where you can see all the current members of this wise forum just like the old wise forum
  8. maxim yakovlev

    Exessive fluid in mouth

    Anybody has this problem? Sometimes suddenly out of nowhere I get this issue when I talk,there is more fluid in my mouth it's hard to control....it makes the speech worse and more harder....anybody know why this happens? How to cure it? Please reply
  9. maxim yakovlev

    Cure social anxiety?

    Is there a way to cure social anxiety? This feeling that I have feeling that everything is not going to be OK,and that others give you that sense like they are perfect and I supposed to be some weird fuck,I have this feeling for 1 month now when I moved to a big city trying to find a job...
  10. maxim yakovlev


    Wtf? Are you bullshitting me not masturbating enough...pmo is a sin and needs to be removed completely from your life. You have to stop masturbating forever! I conquered this addiction back in 2016...anyways are you that guy Ramesses from the old wise forum? I used to read all your topics on the...
  11. maxim yakovlev

    slurred speech

    lately idk why but when I talk some words sound weird like I'm not pronouncing it clear idk how to explain....like am skipping a letter or 2 when I say some words....it sounds like some sort of slurred speech,I have no idea why I got this issue...what could it be? And why do I have it for no...
  12. maxim yakovlev


    I had a headache on Sunday,Monday,yesterday in the morning I was ok but then after 3pm the headache came back why I this?
  13. maxim yakovlev

    heal naturally?

    a little more than a week ago I had a sore throat but I kinda ignored cuz I thought it not that serious and it would go away by it self. Then previous Sunday I had a headache...and previous Monday at about 4 or 5 pm I felt really bad, my heart rate was fast 102-103...later my body temperature...
  14. maxim yakovlev

    Social Anxiety?

    You said you were a member of the old forum? What was your name there?
  15. maxim yakovlev

    interesting video

    anybody have a broken screen on your phone? I found a good video to fix it let me know if it works
  16. maxim yakovlev

    Overeating affects your spirituality

    what about if a person workout and after the workout you eat a little bit more?
  17. maxim yakovlev


    I know the previous wise forum was alot better.btw JayStevens what was your name on the previous wiseforum?
  18. maxim yakovlev

    The fewness of the wisemen is noted in scripture

    yea you are right,that's how I feel when I walk outside
  19. maxim yakovlev


    nobody post on this forum? I'm the only one?
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