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  1. Clasik

    Permanent Forum Shutdown

    Greetings, Due to the inactivity, and constant spam this forum receives, I will likely permanently shut it down. The site will still be up and running but not this forum. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.
  2. Clasik

    There's Only One Way

    In life, I've come to realize that there is only ONE way to do ANYTHING, perfectly (FOR YOU) as an individual. There is ONE way to eat, ONE way to live, etc. ONE way that will put you at the optimal positions in your life. In literally EVERYTHING that you do, there is a perfect way for it to...
  3. Clasik

    Eating Before Sleep

    So, I've really slowed down on meals prior to sleep. Now, I'll just do a smoothie with bread, or something very light. It really is amazing, and your sleep quality really improves.
  4. Clasik

    I'm back (Along with new music)

    Sup Willis, glad to hear from you again.
  5. Clasik

    Circumcision is the cause of constant fapping.

    Probably why it's seen as normal. Whatever that's promoted as normal, normally isn't healthy for you.
  6. Clasik

    Eat a paleo diet if you are going through addiction withdrawal. It is immensly helpful.

    No, I haven't tried the "Mucusless" diet, but I try my hardest to avoid processed foods, etc. Also, you're right, I've never advertised holding in your seed forever. You just have to develop a sense of discipline, and realize the hazards of continual/ daily release.
  7. Clasik

    Hey Ramesses, glad to hear from you again man. No, I haven't heard from those guys, ever since...

    Hey Ramesses, glad to hear from you again man. No, I haven't heard from those guys, ever since the original forum was compromised/ hijacked. How's everything been?
  8. Clasik

    Eat a paleo diet if you are going through addiction withdrawal. It is immensly helpful.

    I've been off meat lately. Less overall stress, better digestion, and way less un-necessary urges. Food is VERY important for overall will-power to overcome addictions. I'm on a "whole foods only" eating regimen, and been feeling great.
  9. Clasik

    Greetings Everyone

    Greetings Everyone, I know it's been a while, and I just wanted you to know all is well. I really hope you're doing fine and getting better and better. I, Myself, have been going through the ebbs and flow of life so it hasn't been easy to be as active. I thank you for your support. Stay wise...
  10. Clasik

    Thanks alot bro.

    Thanks alot bro.
  11. Clasik

    Thank You

    Hey Quaku, I would love to visit Africa. When the time is right, hopefully one day I will. I'm happy to have given you some type of direction in your life.
  12. Clasik

    Certifications That Pay Well

    Need to know the careers that only require a certificate but pay well? Visit the link below. https://www.trade-schools.net/articles/certifications-that-pay-well.asp
  13. Clasik

    Thank you for changing my life Clasik

    You're getting better and better everyday.
  14. Clasik

    YouTube Addiction

    YouTube saved my life when I was going through severe depression (at one point). It was so refreshing to hear people experiencing the same issues, and that I wasn't alone. It's crazy though, cause Western life is so routine and boring that really what else is there to do. It's not like there's...
  15. Clasik

    There is no growth without changes and sacrifice.

    There is no growth without changes and sacrifice.
  16. Clasik

    Urine Therapy

    Now, I don't know what you guys are going to think about this but supposedly drinking your pee has health benefits. For many of us pee is just a waste product but according to a lot of people it isn't. It's considered the "water of life" and it's your body's natural medicine. YouTube urine...
  17. Clasik

    Ejaculation means small death.

    Exactly, life's about sacrifice. You literally ARE killing a little bit of yourself each time to create another life. Also, if you notice in nature, alot of animals get very tired after ejaculation. Some even faint or DIE.
  18. Clasik

    My Journey since 2014

    Wow, your story is such an inspiration. Living your dream life as a Humble Duck, and finding peace of mind & purpose. That's what it's about.
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