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Awakening tip

Aug 14, 2018
You will wake up then wake up more and more. Magnifying glass x1 x2 x3 etc. Its the same Apple that has always been there except when you wake up you will see more things zoom In and you see a hole zoom in more you wrinkle zoom more you see a small bug. It may seem like the world is gettin worse when really your just waking up more and more. You may even notice things about yourself. You are NOT your problems. They always want you to identify with ego. If it's a temporary problem why label yourself that problem? And ofcpurse doesn't matter how much money you have and what kind of car you drive or how big house that's all bS don't even go there. Status is for losers who want a thumbs up. Status is a thumbs up. Thstd it. Oh he makes more monet then me so he should just have his way with me. These people don't respect themselves. ONLY way you can be better is better character that's it. Its all about inner peace good health and helping others and not giving a fuck what anyone thinks. Simple but very few do this. its a big accomplishment in this sick world.Materialism is an illusion if you upgrade your car that means last car wasn't true hapiness. If it was true hapiness why upgrade it? And then upgrade again.Materialism is an illusion.
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