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Don't FEAR anything.

Aug 14, 2018
They don't want a single person waking up. Why is it they charge a big fine and take you to jail and put your kids in foster care for not taking your kids to school. They don't want even ONE person waking up. LITERALLY not a single one. NOT metaphorically. Ask urself y. You are THat powerful. Let's get real. Read till the end this may creep you out. It's a VERY divine and positive ending to this post. They know your EXACT location even without you having a cell phone or being on camera. They can tell your awake judging by the content you watch. So many other creepy stuff. There is an actual spiritual radar that knows how much light you have, if you pay attention when your at the park chilling enjoying the weather you run into the weirdest most negative ppl. Pay attention... Or maybe even a dog barking dogs can be possessed. That is a SPIRITUAL ATTACK. And if your at home your mom dad brother sister may start an argument or get drunk. we KNOW that those ppl are zombies work buy stuff die. They are not in control of there physical vessel. enemy? Almost Everyone is your enemy. The enemy is already in you house like they couldn't possess your dad mother brother sister to kill you. Your safe dude. Smoke some weed and keep it moving. I hesitated to express personal details but now I will and I advise you all to do the same. I AM NOT your enemy. It's so obvious
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