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Dont let 1-2 negative months make you forget about thr other 10-11 months

Aug 14, 2018
Sometimes you may feel good sometimes bad sometimes positive sometime negative etc. Don't go throwing something good away because of a negative month or 2. Don't forget avout the other 10-11 months. You can be positive even when you feel negative. Be as positive as you can but still be realistic. Also stress can make you feel like everything is going wrong and everything is falling apart. Look at things thru clear lens. It's OK to take few weeks off. If you are able to.

Work smarter not harder. When you don't give yourself time off you won't be able to see when things are going wrong but when you are grounded and meditating you will see what needs to improve. Quality work is better than quantity work. Work hard never sleep that's nonsense. You over Work you stress your mind and if mind isn't clear thats not good because that's where you make all your decisions. Be like a very calm monk. Very calm but one punch will break your ribs and kill you. Dont take that literally. When you calm grounded and focused you will notice tiny details so yes work smarter not harder. You see people making money ina liquor store. Working hard not smart. That's good money but wasting there life and working hard.
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