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Everything is simple/don't think twice

Aug 14, 2018
You see evryone is divided people can't make eye contact with other people. People enslaved to money. Yes slave zero days off. 8 hour a day. Thats a lot. Tired after work and nexf thing you know timr to sleep. 5 days a week. Weekend still in work mode. Vacation in work mode. 24/7 zero days off slavery. You know this is true. But the program willsay are you sure? Think twice. It's all on front of your face no need to think twice. Relationship therapist are you serious? If its a bad relationship and bring you down then leave. Yes people have bad habits but what kind? Smoking bad or starting rumors bad? Talk too much bad or trying to seperate people's families with lies bad? If they are the other kind of bad then leave them. The truth is simple.the program will tell you no. You need a 400 page book. You go to the hospital and they give you a pill. Does the pill take away the headache? No it treats the symptoms to keep you coming back spending money. Why not get rid of the headache. So what if they went to school 15 years theyre still liars. If someone is a child molester you dont give them life in jail. You do know they get money for keeping in jail. A rapist or child molester killer etc needs HELP. Obviously they have a serious problem. Psychology tells you being too quiet is a mental illness. Some people just wanna be alone. The truth is simple. Does the eye doctor cure your vision? Anyways you get my point it's all a lie. You don't need 400 page books for every tiny question. Wise men you are not crazy.
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