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Fake masculinity

Aug 14, 2018
Saying positive stuff helps. Don't beluve that media bullshit oh its for little fruit cups. Be an "alpha" male and make excessive eye contact with other men like you wanna fuck them. That's all B.S. fake masculinity. Who ever looks away first is the beta male. Fkin bukkshit. Someone has to look away first unless you wanna look like super fag. WTF. It's all a bunch of nonsense. How to be assertive. Are you kidding me. Shove your cock down there mouth. Or hit them in the head with a hammer. Be assertive by proving your point. There isnt any other way. This isnt a jungle. Please don't pay attention to all those fake masculinity stuff and alpha male bs. If your putting effort then its not natural confidence is It. It's not. If you putting effort then its an act which means its fake. Have natural confidence. Throw all that shit in the trash. When its timeto defend yourself then be the biggest bad boy on the planet. It's not about muscles or big beards etc. Be a humble duck. You can tell they will fuck you up if you mess with them lmao.wise men the media tells you be a kick boxer. Solider. Ninja with a sword. Killer. Gangster. They don't want real men. Divine masculine. Helpijt people and only being "bad" when it's Time to sexand yourself.Don't be a nice guy or a bad boy. Be a real man. Oh we like to live that thuglife. Let's put that shut aside and be real. We want to live in peace. That statement has made billions of vaginas all around the world get dry. What a shame. What if every person was a bad boy? The world would be bad. So it can't be real masculinity. Oh I like the dangerous life. Bunch of wannabes. World peace is what it's about. I know It sounds cheesy. That's just the programming talking.
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