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Fake spiritual youtubers

Aug 14, 2018
All are liars and satanic people. When you are awake you talk about the things you notice when you wake up. Example clasik is an awake person
Funny how they are awake but don't talk about what they notice now that they are awake. WTF. I mean does a person wake up and not feel a strong need to talk about what they notice. Let's say they wanna be a sweety so that they can get more views which means more money. Ok. How come come they don't have another channel talking about whata going on in the world. So they just had an awakening and nothing to say? Bullshit. All they do is talk about same stuff third eye kundalini yoga etc. You had no idea what your getting yourself into. Listen to this to heal yourself. Imagine this yellow light and all of thst kinds stuff. Don't mess around with that and don't open your Third eye too fast. It naturally opens over time with a healthy life style. Open it too much in very short time could mess you up and have you seeing dark shit and weird stuff happening. Stay away from those fake yotubers. Very few spiritual people on internet. Very few. Dark side doesn't want you to see this video thats on the YouTube homepage. Obviously a lie. Why on the homepage? Watch Mark passio. He tells the truth about whats going on in the world. Idk about his spirotual stuff
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