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How to get more positive vibes.

Aug 14, 2018
Of course eating healthy and all that but right now I'm talking specifically home. Burn incense. sandalwood,sage,dragons blood,rose,frankincense,. Different incense has different effects. No this is not some Satanist stuff. Keep your room clean. Have light blue stuff in room. Decorate it with plastic flowers nice decoration . Light blue turquoise stuff get creative. Vacuum your room burn some incense and play positive music and yowill notice iprovment . If it's wooden floor mop it with a cleane r. I know it's toxic but sometimes is not a big deal. Maybe start wearing more blue and balance it with black. Light bl is not too light. If you wanna have more ener by start wearing red. End of the day time to chill wear light b lue light green.Keep your room clean. Here's so me positive vibes music.

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