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Making money is a joke

Aug 14, 2018
It's the programming lies and mind games that need to be conquered. Making money is not the hard part it's the lies in your head that make it hard. Also the fancy words make everything sound so complicated. Marketing is really advertising shit and describing it Ina way that makes ppl wanna buy it. Business it depends what type. learn how to do it and then put the stuff you learned into use but you have to learn from ppl who really know what they are talking about but don't worry your heart will lead you to the right info at the right time. Don't worry on how it's gnna happen. Be humble open mind open heart always be open to new info always be open to getting better. Long story short follow your heart. It will never lead you astray. Your heart is the REAL navigation system. To take it to the next level you have internet inside of you . If that sounds crazy that's Kool no problem your just not there yet. Every one has there own journey. Keep following heart one step at a time.
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