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New age/hippy lies/

Aug 14, 2018
Basically religion used to tell peolle hey darkness is part of gods plan sit back and relax. That's how it is. Bro if God wanted to he would snap his fingers and darkness would go away. Doesnr make sense to us but to It does bro something we just can't understand. Religion is dying and so they need something else to make sit back and not so anything about darkness. New age stuff is bs but its not the only take spirituality you have old philosophies that say existence is such a mind fuck yhst wr cant understand it its too amazing to have meaning. Oh it's only a dream. Can't have kufjt with dark. Oh if you give it meaning you turn it into a joke and so don't do that how are we even alive??? It's not that simple. Basically there are so many philosophies and they all basicalkt tell you sit back relax which means people won't try to stop darkness.

New age teachings are very similar to religious teachings they basically want peolle to not stand up against darkness. And again. It's not all about new age movement there are other boxes you can get into that basically stop you from fighting darkness. Like the hippy box. The rainbow shirt take shrooms box. The wannabe Buddha. Etc

Religion-that's just how it is.

New age- by giving dark attention you make It more powerful (fkin retarded as fuck)

both are wrong
By talking about darkness we then can dind a solution.

Religion Don't get mad bro it's all part of the plan

New age-don't get angry

Anger is a powerful thing. You can punch holes in the eall and break stuff or you can turn it into a good workout or you can print million copies of important information and let it rain on the city. Its all on how you choose to express it.

Religion-there's good and bad

New age- can't have light without dark.

Ofcpurse there is an imbalance favoring the dark

I'm not gonna say all the teaching but you see how they all try to make you do nothing about darkness. If new age movement doesn't sound good you can always go hippy or wannabe Buddha etc or maybe a combination of all. All this hippy stuff is getting popular.

Any attempt to comprehend is only our limited perception. How are we alive????? No way this could have a meaning too complex. This makes sense In words like other philosophies. The real question is does it make sense in real life? Let's not go flying to the other side.

On the deepest level all of this is meaningless. This is another philosophy. Pretty deep but let's not even go there. This makes sense in word but not in real life.

Let's chill out with that deep philosophy. Right now are in planet earth and it needs help.

How about be nice to one another and let's expose evil. Ofcourse time for smoking weed in the grass theres nothing wrong with that.

Now this is what I believe to be the most balanced world view.
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