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Proof that your not wasting time

Aug 14, 2018
Wise man journey can be tough 3-7 years of depression all over the place don't feel like doing anything etc belief systems always changing etc.after things settle down you will take off at 1 million miles per hour. So in the end it all evens out. Your not wasting a second of your life. Imagine trying to build a life under the influence of the program's not gonna be a good idea. Might as well build a strong foundation late than shitty foundation early . Waste of time money effort energy. Plus I don't think any of you even have energy or will to do that. The journey is tough.after those few years of pain everything you could ever want is on the other side and you'll get way more than you ever expected. Like giving birth. Painful but baby makes you forget all the pain and it's a beautiful thing.


New member
Aug 13, 2019
I feel stuck in my head sometimes these days. I used to be a part of the wisemenmovement forum under the same name(Ramesses) in 2014-2017 and i was very weak and feminine(because of porn and junk food and sedentary life style) but then i began nofap and healthy dieting(vegetables, fruit, meat in moderation, drinking enough water, exercise) and i became this hyper masculine dude and i almost got a girl pregnant......

Glad to be back. I am still struggling as we all are but we learn ways to grow and be content. We all die but it's a part of life. Fear of death is also something that came with modern times and its bullshit. Animals fear death but it doesn't cripple them in any way.
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