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Proof you can think beyond the mind

Aug 14, 2018
You can think without using your mind because it's filled with garbage . You can actually get to a point where you KNOW what your supposed to do without thinking . Maybe analyze with the mind but the heart makes the final decision. No matter how good your parents were you spent more time with the system and so your mind accepted the systems programing as truth . Video games music movies education and much more are all made by system. So basically the system raised you not your parents . Now imagine if you were 100℅ operating from the mind. You would be like a zombie like everyone else . See the point.obviously you are operating beyond the mind because you are on this forum read ing this .Your heart knows what's true and what's not. Example when clasik or any person talks about something and it just touches you in a deep way. You just get this feeling they are telling the truth without even thinking a bout it.that's your heart sensing truth. I f you can creat e and life you're life from the heart you will have a beautiful life.
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