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Aug 14, 2018
Religion opens your eyes? Nonsense. Even the biggest religious preacher doesn't talk about world problems. I don't see any open eyes. The awaken man actually does more good then the religious person because awaken man knows what the problem are and so they can bring a solution. Religious people see only thing wrong is that they need more people in there religion. Oh once you find the light of God your eyes will open. How come people hanging out at the beach don't talk about light of God? It's always someone on tv or a religious preacher. Doesn't make any sense. It's all a lie. Even the people themselves don't believe there own religion. How are we alive? How did existence exist? Oh it's all in our book. That's a powerful statement. And they can't even write a single article or even a playlist of someone's elses videos. It takes 5 seconds to make a playlist. They raise there kids to believe in religion. Once a week they go to there religious building. They watch videos on it and celebrate holiday. But they cant tell anyone about it. Sounds like they are sleep walking. Think about it we have the word of GOD. Infinite being who created the existence of existence. But they won't tell anyone about it.

Even people who follow a tribe. Look at me I'm part of something oh. Why don't they tell the truth to other countries. It's just they pass around truth to each other. Our cultur is better then yours. Low self esteem. Why not take good from all cultures and Throw bad from all cultures. No body wants to put anything on YouTube. If you know the truth speak it with face showing. Basically culture is all about social validation. Thumbs up party. I get it vibe with there type but why look down on others? People are threatened by different opinions. Why are you threatened if you know the truth? Culture kills creativity of you let it. Dress like a Mexican eat German and hat like an Italian. Be comfortable in your own skin while they beg for a thumbs up. They're laughing at themselves not you. Don't ever change for anyone. There are people who accept you for who you are.
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