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Stainless Steel Cold Rolled Steel Strip price


New member
Sep 3, 2019
Our stainless steel strip prices fluctuate with exchange rates and raw materials. We supply steel strip products to our customers with high quality and good price, which has a high cost performance. Please contact the sales staff for an email/telephone inquiry.
Our Service:
1. We have a certain amount of inventory, which can be delivered shortly after the order is confirmed.
2. High quality + factory ex-factory price + fast response + orientation service to provide you with quality stainless steel belt products.
3. We accept the unique technical requirements you have put forward. We will give you the unique requirements of tailoring the required hardness, upper and lower limits, surface processing status, and dimensional tolerances according to the upper or lower limits to meet your needs. Your needs are The direction of our service.Stainless Steel Cold Rolled Steel Strip price
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