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Wise men are not missing out on anything

Aug 14, 2018
They always want you to feel like your missing out and/or your falling apart. Your going up not down. What are you missing out on? Faking happiness all day and buying stuff? Beer? Feiendship? What friendship? Do you see a lawyer hanging out with a person who works at foodmaxx? Do what you like. They hangout to cure each others boredom. A real friend ship you hangout and after you feel energized and inspired and positive. You blast positive energy at each other and after the meet up your both left feeling good. Thate a friend ship. Where are the compliments? You notice whenever s someone improves there self everyone stays quiet and pretend nothing is different about that person.Even if so me one quits cigarettes you congratulate them. Wise men who has ever told you they see greatness in you? You are great. Very great. They are jealous of you . You are getting better by the day.
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