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You can be a man at age 10

Aug 14, 2018
They try to kill manliness. People should be mature at 15. Like a grown man by that age. This en environment wants you to stay childish forever. Some get mature 25. But even then they're still childish some 30 some never . They wanna make sure you stay a little dumb kid and don't want you too be a manly man. Age 7 boy 14ish teenager . 18 young man. Age 25 man. 30 grown man. 35 grown ass man. 40 grown ass man with a button shirt. Etc . Bullshit! Wise men you can be a man at age 10. It's not about age. Don't believe that older peope know more. There usually the most brainwashed. Theres boy and theres man. And thats it .
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