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Clasik you should really add a feature to this forum where you can see all the current members of this wise forum just like the old wise forum
Hey man. Do you have skype or snapchat?

We definitely need to catch up since last time. I also am glad you are still around.

My skypename: icelanddude2
Hey. It has been a while. The only form of social media I have are Instagram and Facebook Messenger lol xD
Ok i see lol.

You said last time that the reason our world is such a mess is because these men or certain people wanted a different meaning to life. What did you mean exactly? Like they were scared of nature and wanted to shelter themselves from it.

Dude you have to make a reddit account. Make a reddit account and send me a message. My name on there is "toab776".
Hey Clasik. This is Ramesses from back in the day. Have you heard any word from Pussy_Spell_Breaker, Khalid, Willis, nofap and the other guys?
Hey Ramesses, glad to hear from you again man. No, I haven't heard from those guys, ever since the original forum was compromised/ hijacked. How's everything been?
Are you ok? I haven't heard from you Ina while. Why did you stop making YouTube videos. Hope all is well.
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