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Hey Clasik. This is Ramesses from back in the day. Have you heard any word from Pussy_Spell_Breaker, Khalid, Willis, nofap and the other guys?
Hey Ramesses, glad to hear from you again man. No, I haven't heard from those guys, ever since the original forum was compromised/ hijacked. How's everything been?
Are you ok? I haven't heard from you Ina while. Why did you stop making YouTube videos. Hope all is well.
Hello, wise men, i hope everyone is enduring through whatever trials that they are facing. As hard as life can get, don't lose hope and continue to fight for a better life.
Joining this forum is the best thing ever. I believe together we can share our experiences and help those who fall or are broken. We cant allow ourselves to be slaves by those who don't give a shit about us. By joining this forum I believe I can bring out the best in me and never give into lust.
Thank you very much for all of your videos and content. Your an inspiration to the real people of this world. You don't have millions of views but it's better for you to reach 5 wise men then 5 million zombies. Just thought I would send some positive energy your way. Peace.

Thanks alot bro.
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